Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SFContario 2015: My Schedule

I'll be at SFContario, a science fiction convention at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, at 300 Jarvis Street in downtown Toronto, this weekend (November 20-23, 2015). Here is my schedule of events:

Mass Autograph Signing - Friday, 8 PM, Ballroom C / the Hallway

Science Fiction in China- Saturday 12 PM, Courtyard

Science fiction is booming in China as the country experiences unprecedented economic growth, an increasingly liberal society, and a new space program. Derwin Mak shows an illustrated presentation of the history of science fiction in China, its new writers, what’s being published there, and the growth of the largest SF fandom community in the world. Derwin Mak.

Fantasy in the Rest of the World - Saturday 2 PM, Room 209

Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America are fertile foundations for medieval fantasy, but most of what’s out there is based on European traditions and myths. Who is doing the best at exploring other areas? What other cultures and histories offer opportunities for the aspiring writer?
Saladin Ahmed, Cathy Hird, Derwin Mak(M), Rati Mehrotra, Bob R. Milne;

Properly Praising Your Panelist - Saturday 6 PM, Room 209

We've all seen and/or dealt with rude/obnoxious/abusive panelists and audience members at cons, but are there any guidelines for how to deal with such issues appropriately? The moderator who really doesn't want a particular panelist to speak; the audience member who interrupts a panelist, and the panelists who condone it; the programming co-ordinator who insists that pro panelists jump through ridiculous hoops to do what they came to do. What can we do?
Beverly Bambury, Derwin Mak, Matt Moore;

Reading - Saturday 8 - 8:30 PM, Room 207