Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nominate Eric Choi's story "Another's Treasure" for a Prix Aurora Award

Eric Choi is my co-editor of The Dragon and the Stars.

Eric Choi's short story "Another's Treasure" is indeed that rare treasure: a humorous science fiction short story published in a time when most science fiction writers are trying to exceed each other with serious, pessimistic themes. My warped sense of humour liked it, which is why I'm nominating it for Canada's national science fiction award, the Prix Aurora Award, in the category of Best Short-Form Work in English.

"Another's Treasure" was published in the anthology
Footprints, edited by Jay Lake and Eric T. Reynolds, from Hadley Rille Books. See it here at

If you're a Canadian citizen (even if not necessarily living in Canada) or permanent resident of Canada, you too can nominate the story for the Prix Aurora Award, Best Short-Form Work in English category, online at:

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