Saturday, August 13, 2011

Four Stories From The Dragon and the Stars Get Honourable Mentions on Gardner Dozois' Year's Best Science Fiction List

Four stories from The Dragon and the Stars received Honorable Mentions in Gardner Dozois' 28th Annual Year's Best Science Fiction:

"The Character of the Hound” by Tony Pi,
"Across the Sea" by Emily Mah,
"The Water Weapon" by Brenda Clough
"The Son of Heaven" by Eric Choi

Click on the titles to read excerpts from the stories.

The Dragon and the Stars is a finalist for a 2011 Aurora Award for Best Related Work in English. If you like its stories, please vote in the Aurora Awards.

Tony also made the list for three other stories ("The Curse of Chimère", "The Gold Silkworm", "Night of the Manticore") as did Melissa Yuan-Innes ("Iron Monk") and Ken Liu ("The Literomancer"). Congratulations to everyone!

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