Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ricepaper 19.3 (Fall 2014): The Speculative Fiction Issue

Ricepaper, the Asian Canadian literary magazine, published its special Speculative Fiction issue (fantasy, science fiction, and horror) this month. JF Garrard and I were the guest editors. Contributors include Aurora Award-winning editor/author Eric Choi and Writers of the Future award winner Tony Pi.

The fiction line-up is:
"Tushuguan" by Eric Choi: trouble in post-apocalyptic Vancouver
"Woman in the Shadows" by John Matsui: a ghost seeks revenge after a night of sex
"A Spirited Education" by Tony Pi: a Soong Dynasty exorcism
"Designing Fate" by JF Garrard: when designer children go bad...
"Golden Fish, Golden Slippers" by Melissa Yuan-Innes: a Chinese fairy tale
"Sharp Teeth" by Melissa Yuan-Innes: someone has sharp teeth...

Also in this issue:
an interview with comic book publisher James Bade
"Finding My Way Back Home" by Lou Villahermosa: an article about the haunted trees and other evil spirits of the Philippines.

It's in bookstores across Canada, but if you can't find it, you can order it online for only $5:

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